SoundPrint - Club Offerings, Functions and Events, Music Brand Solutions
SoundPrint was formed in the mid nineties after the founder Alaric, starting to book other DJs on the nights he couldn’t play in venues.
The team started to grow and quickly outgrew Stellenbosch as more and more venues started to see the value in having a dedicated team of DJs that could be managed through a single phone call. Pretty soon some of the countries biggest franchises learnt of the service and the company went national some 5 years ago. As the franchises grew, so did SoundPrint and the team. That coupled with the acquisition of new venues along the way, the team now stands at over 50 club DJs country wide playing anything from Deep House, Latino, R&B, through to Commercial Radio Top 40 stuff. Alaric quickly gathered a bigger team to manage the growth and now the management team sits at 5 people, dedicated to all matters that concern the DJs, the equipment, client services etc

Also, as a result of this success, the entry into the functions and events environments became more and more obvious. A division dedicated to this market was established two years ago and has since grown to where we now have a team of 4 people, dedicated to ensuring our clients enjoy only the best service and product from us. With a capacity to play up to 6 simultaneous weddings or functions and with a dedicated technical team on the roads, we are now able to guarantee satisfaction of our clients.

As the business has grown, so has the experience and knowledge of those who manage and run the shop. With this unique skill of understanding on how to use music to create a music identity of a brand and then be able to manipulate this to achieve our clients objectives, we have introduced a new service. SoundPrint Music Branding was launched in 2008 and promises to grow rapidly as clients see the value in creating a unique musical identity for their business that ensures the customer experience is everything it should be and they leave with the aural memory of where they have been. This division is growing all the time and is set to revolutionise how music is used in the customer experience.

With so much on the boil and growth being experienced constantly, we are confident of our ability to provide excellent service and results orientated products to our growing client base.
Andrew Wentzel:

Andrew “The Vatman” Wentzel is the chief bean counter for SoundPrint. Having displayed a temperament and enjoyment for Celine Dion, he was quickly taken off the club circuit during the nineties and placed in the growing wedding and events division. He also earned his stripes on campus radio where he had a show for some time where thankfully the programming manager forced a more admirable music choice on him making him totally
literate in rock, alternative and SA bands and is now the companies greatest lover of Infected Mushroom.  Although he is still strangely enthralled by a possible duo with said Canadian Diva and Slipknot (a vain attempt to rekindle some street cred, we feel) he now manages all things financial. And as we all know, accountants are extremely adventurous and extroverted and so he is pushing us to buy the latest Shania Twain so he can “try something different”. We are adamant it is a “no”.
Conrad Skillicorn:

Conrad has been in the game longer than Riaan Cruywagen was reading the news. Having paid his dues as a top flight DJ in Stellenbosch during his hay days in the nineties, he then went on to be one of the most sought after event DJs in Cape Town. Until some one put two and two together and realised that he was indeed the guy in the photo wearing a vest and a cow print Venga Boys Stetson. It was at this juncture that we realised his ability to create DJ
brands and so we asked him to take off the Stetson and look after SoundPrint’s DJs. He is the backbone of daily operations and looks after all our clients, DJ’s, equipment etc. Not to worry though, he only wears the vest when debt collecting these days, something he doesn’t have to do often as all clients now what a good deal they are getting. He now spends his free time figuring out how to bring purple corduroy back in. We don’t believe it ever was in but you can’t stop the man when he has a vision. Otherwise the vest comes out the closet.
Alaric von Molendorff:

In an attempt to avoid studying fulltime at university, Alaric pursued a series of DJing jobs in the early 90’s. In an attempt to avoid working fulltime thereafter, he commenced training and employing more DJs to fill the nights he himself was booked on, only to discover that he was creating more and more work for himself in managing the right DJs to specific client needs. By creating this world he became the founder and the Marlon Brando of the business.
Although Brando’s DJ abilities in commercial venues is not all together known, Alaric’s pedigree is, which is why he is our godfather and Brando is well, not. He went on to achieve lesser success in The Hollywood Hills. Alaric, a humble man, accepted Durbanville Hills. It was here that set himself up as the Oracle - not much you can tell the man about the art of DJing. When he is not busy impersonating a C.O.O., he busies himself attempting to earn a white belt in Beginners’ Sudoku – something he hopes to get this year after 6 years of trying.