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This service is geared for those brands in the hospitality and retail space who wish to further their brands experience by ensuring the music played is in keeping with their target market, trading cycles and the brands objectives. As a global phenomenon, the use of music as a trigger for brand recall is ever growing.
From Starbucks to Nike, the use of music in the customer’s experience is a growing art. SoundPrint, with a collective 30 years plus in understanding the use of music to elicit a customer response is perfectly positioned to ensure the creation and maintenance of a music profile in keeping with your objectives.

The service includes:

World class technology and software that allows us to broadcast directly to your store.
The ability to update and change the content at predetermined times.
The inclusion of advertising slots to ensure customers are receiving the right messaging and at the right time.
Constant interaction with you the client, allows to constantly, effectively and quickly manage the music profile of your environment and that of your desired consumers.
We also manage and ensure that all licensing is processed to ensure that you have a hassle free music solution with no chance of CDs being lost or damaged in store.