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Soundprint is a provider of music programming solutions to audiences across a wide range of venues, events and situations:
What this means is that we always have the right song for the right moment for you, whether in a club, at a wedding or as a soundtrack to a retail experience, provided by one of our DJs or through one of our researched playlists. Take a tour through our website to find the solution best suited to your needs and then contact us to experience our service quality first-hand!

If you are interested in finding a DJ solution for your venue, be it a night club or bar, have a look at our SoundPrint Club Page. With over 50 DJs country wide, we are pretty damn sure we have something that will make your venue even more popular for your patrons and profitable for you.

If you are having a wedding, a birthday party or corporate event, click through to our SoundPrint Functions and Events Page to find the perfect DJ and rigging to make your event not only memorable but hassle free.

SoundPrint Music Branding is new offering. To find out how we are able to add value to your outlet, whether it be retail, hospitality, corporate, we will tailor make a music branding solution that stays behind in the minds of your customers. To find out more, click through to the MSoundPrint Music Branding page for more info.
Club Offerings
Cubana Tableview

“Soundprint ROCKS!! After four years of outstanding service and amazing parties with the Soundprint DJ’s... read more

Functions & Events
19 Jan 2008  //  Atlantic Beach GC

Rachel & Richard: “We just want to thank you for providing us with such fantastic service. Jason did...  read more
SoundPrint once again took the training contract for the ever popular Sisters Of Spin competition. Working closely with the Stones group over the last few years, we have added huge value to this epic promotional campaign!
SoundPrint has just launched its new division: SoundPrint Music Branding. This new offering is set to alter how retailers and business owners interact with their consumers! For more info on this new product, please click here for more info.